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Vicky Gaughan MA

I'm a psychotherapist and counsellor and lean toward humanistic modalities. Walking and being outdoors is my passion but I didn't realise until lately that I could be on the move and still work. More and more psychotherapists are on the move too and I'm joining that movement!


Since 1993 I've trained in a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, conventionally taking a BSc and a Master’s degree. And taking an unconventional route, I've gained a qualification to teach & practice Hakomi, a level 3 Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner qualification and I have also trained and delved deeply into body psychotherapy, shamanism and conscious dance.


On one such course I was introduced to personal/emotional/spiritual work outdoors and met a magical creature; a hare. The hare aka jackrabbit trotted over to me when I was in a focussed and meditative state. At a time when I was carefree and open I began to envision an innovative way of working. Later I discovered that the jackrabbit was an ancient symbol for creativity & transformation, hence gojackrabbit.

I am looking for people who are ready to move...out of the conventional setting of therapy, out of a stuck frame of mind, out from a disempowered life. I work with individuals and groups who want to move.



Sometimes we'll sit indoors and sometimes we'll go outdoors around the area. The session may entail mindful walking in silence, a few steps concentrating on body & mind or a steady pace or brisker, talking and exploring inside as well as out. You set the rhythm.


Our group room is a great starting point for creating a safe container, when the group has formed then we'll move. I work with small groups i.e. a group of people who know each other or a group of people unknown, that come together for a day to explore group process creatively.


All that I offer in counselling & psychotherapy can be done indoors or outdoors on the move.


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