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ABOUT gojackrabbit

gojackrabbit draws upon nearly 30 years of experience and will help you remove obstacles to get you on the move.


It is our nature to move. Our whole system moves, from blood in our veins, thoughts in our mind, electrical currents in our brain and muscles attached to our bones. We are movers. Yet so often we get stuck; in our chairs, in our lives and in our thinking.

When walking and talking with a trained therapist, movement can induce a state of clarity and creativity. Tension can be discharged and solutions can be found. gojackrabbit uses the word 'move' not only literally but metaphorically. We can unite with ourselves and our environment by the simple act of moving and at the same time find what it means to move emotionally and spiritually. Working with gojackrabbit we can liberate ourselves from the four walls of the therapy room and thus find freedom in body and mind.



Sometimes we'll sit indoors and sometimes we'll go outdoors around the area. The session may entail mindful walking in silence, a few steps concentrating on body & mind or a steady pace or brisker, talking and exploring inside as well as out. You set the rhythm.


Our group room is a great starting point for creating a safe container, when the group has formed then we'll move. I work with small groups i.e. a group of people who know each other or a group of people unknown, that come together for a day to explore group process creatively.


I offer in counselling & psychotherapy in the Doncaster area and can be done outdoors on the move or indoors.


I also work with practitioners who would like supervision for their work, this can also be done on the go.





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