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ABOUT Body Psychotherapy


  • Do you feel you could be living a more fulfilled life?

  • Are you beginning to make the link between your body and your emotions?

  • Have you a longing to move emotionally and physically?


This approach is called Body Psychotherapy because it takes particular account of the way the body is involved in our psychological life, by holding trauma and expressing distress, as well as embodying and expressing well-being and pleasure.

This approach is holistic i.e. pays attention to the whole person. Only by increasing our awareness of our body, mind, heart and soul can we develop a deeper and truer sense of our self.

In Body Psychotherapy the therapist may sometimes work directly with the body, using touch - massage for example - or work with breathing or body sensations in a state of mindfulness. This work may take place while you sit on a chair, or you may lie down on a yoga mat on the floor. Being outdoors, walking or other forms of movement, exploring the environment and allowing this to enhance the therapy is also a possibility.

Exactly how we work together will develop out of discussions, and will take account of your expressed needs and wishes as well as being guided by my professional judgment. I'd be delighted to discuss my work further to help you decide if this approach is for you.


“…but he can make no progress within himself unless he becomes very much better acquainted with his own nature” - C.G.Jung



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